How Atiku’s Lawyers Scammed Him Billions


Sources disclose that it is likely the counsels to the PDP’s Presidential Petition led by Dr. Livinus Uzoukwu SAN, were clearly aware of the outcome of the proceeding prior to accepting to represent Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, who just lost his petition at the Election Tribunal. 

Most Nigerians were not shocked. And it is not that the lawyers,who argued PDP’s Presidential petition’s case were not aware of the legal impossibility, but they seemed to have been attracted by the possibility of the platform that existed for them in fighting the legal matter for the PDP candidate.

Besides, the lure of the financial windfall that awaited them running into billions altogether was itself irresistible, sources close to the opposition presidential candidate disclosed right after the loss of the case at the Petitions Tribunal.

While some of the lead lawyers were not as well-known before now, those who were well known were also willing to play along for different personal reasons.

A source said, “those lawyers are smart people, they were all well aware of the weakness of Atiku’s case but they could not reject a brief that promises much in money, and national attention.”

In the lead judgment the Chairman of the Tribunal, Justice Mohammed Garba, made a complete mess of the case of Atiku’s lawyers…

  • President is qualified to contest the 2019 Presidential Election 
  • President Buhari did not only possess the SSCE, but other certificates obtained in the Army
  • All submissions to produce certified true copies of the credentials and attach same is discountenanced 
  • Petitioner failed to prove that the second respondent was not educationally qualified
  • Petitioner has no proof that Pres. Buhari submitted false documents to INEC
  • There is no provision in the electoral act, for transmitting election results electronically
  • Claim that INEC transmitted election results electronically is misplaced

Some observers at the Tribunal Judgment believe that Atiku based his petition on a non-existent server, claiming that INEC had a server where votes where allegedly transmitted through card readers. This became another baseless claim in the results of the petition, as the electoral laws do not provide for electronic transmissions of results, furthermore, results there was no proof of such transmission. The only means by which results were collated and tabulated weer through paper forms at polling units. 

Another inside source disclosed that; the reason why the lawyers spent a lot of resources in arguing the case as much in the court and also in the media was because they knew the case was weak, but they could use the national attention to achieve other objectives.

Sources also disclosed that the petitioners are entertaining thoughts of proceeding to the Supreme Court for redress. The question we ask is, will Atiku be scammed further? 

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